200L Chili Sauce Jacketed Kettle

Electric heating Tilting Sauce Cooker with Stirring

This jacketed kettle is made from heat conduction oil as heat source, has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, heating up time in about 30 minutes. The advantages of uniform heating and heating temperature easy to control.

This series of equipment mainly consists of pot body, tilting frame body, the vertical leg, mixing system, electric heating system, transmission device, stirring shaft, the pot body turning system, etc.

This series cooker including following types: vertical jacketed kettle, vertical stirring pot, tilting pot and tilting stirring pot.


Design Parameters:

No. Name Model Remark
1 Heat conduction medium Heat conduction oil 320#user prepare
2 Design temperature 200L 320
3 Max working temperature 200L 320
4 Heat conduction oil amount 200L 25KG
5 Electric heating tube power 200L 7.5KW*22 piece total  15KW
6 Electricity consumption 200L 15KWh per hour
7 Suggest power copper wire 200L 3*6²+n
8 Inner drum 800mm*3mm  
9 Outer drum 900mm*3mm  
10 Cooking pot depth 200L 475mm
11 Dimension 1400mm*1100mm*1300mm

Chili Paste Making Machine

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