500kg Per Hour Spice Grinder Self Suction


Spices Grinder Unit Process Flow:

Manual feeding to grinder unit hopper—grinder chamber—fan blades—pipe to cyclone collector—air locker—final products come out—with beside pulse dust collector

BKFL Series Self Suction Spice Grinding Machine Unit Introduction:

Spice grinder is an efficient mill for food, spices, grains, etc. Crushing and grading of split materials installed on the same machine body, and independent operation. The machine has a full-featured , compact structure , stable technical performance , power consumption province , a wide range of application , fineness adjustable , easy maintenance, and other characteristics , all the process after feeding to the finished product is carried out in the same closed system, with the dust removal processing , no pollution to environmental, it is an ideal machine for food industry and GMPstandards.

Main Structures:

By hopper , crushing system ,fan blade device , suction dust removal system and the induced draft system, driving device composed of grinding chamber, hopper , crushing blade , gear ring , sieve , fan blade , discharging by suction pipeline ,cyclone , air clock , dust filter bag , induced draft fan and so on .

Special Features:

1.Because of the fan blade structure, when machine running, fan blades take out of chamber inside air, take away chamber’s grinding friction heat, and then continue make up the outside cool air, so chamber will not be over heat, make sure thematerials property not changed.

2.Because it will be not high temperature in the chamber, and there is a strong air expel the material out, so that it is suitable for heat sensitive and sticky material with good grinding effect.

3.This machine overcome the universe grinder shortcomings, universal grinders will cause block in chamber and sieve plate,affect machine if process sticky, heat sensitive, oily materials.

4.Because the strong expel force , so during the process, if reach the required mesh size, will soon come out by fan blades,will not stay longer in chamber, so the capacity is much larger than other kinds of grinder. Can easily meet client requirements for the capacity.

5.Quick release hoop and quick release air locker, very convenient for cleaning

Technical Parameters for spice grinder syatem

Capacity: around 400-500 kg/h at 30 mesh for turmeric ginger, etc.

Inlet size: ≤10mm

Grinding degree: fine grinding

Outlet mesh size: 10-120 mesh (adjustable by sieve)

Spindle RPM: 0-3050r/min

Main Motor: 30KW

Induced air fan power: 15KW

Discharger power: 1.5KW

Voltage: 380V, 3 phases, 50HZ

Material: High Quality of SUS304

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