Industrial Automatic Onion Root Cutting Machine

The capacity of this onion peeling machine is around One ton per hour, this type machine can identify the onion size automatically and adjust the onion’s head and end cutting position, low processing cost and high processing efficiency.


onion-cuting-machine onion-end-cutting-machine

BOC-1 onion peeling machine is the most advanced onion processing equipment with big production in the world,no special requirements in the size,dry or wet onions,or area. In any states, the onions can be peelled and cut in one-time. And it peels clean, no damage. This kind of machine has been widely used in vegetable processing industry, and it mainly has the following features:

1. The onions need not be classified. Without the demand in size, dry or wet, or the depth and firmness of onions. It can perfect cut them.

2. Automation cutting, finished one time, and cutting clean, no damage.

3. The equipment without the design of wearing parts, the service life is long, cost-effective and efficient.

4. 304 stainless steel body and shell, in line with international health standard.

Main Technical Parameters

  1. Power supply: 380V,50HZ
  2. Power: 1.5Kw
  3. Output: 1000~1500kg
  4. Weight: 116kg

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