BCH400 Spice Powder Making Machine


BCH400 Spice Powder Making Machine Main Eqipment

Feeder Bin-Spice Coarse Crush Machine-Buffer silo-2 sets spice powder making machine-dust collector-cyclone discharger-magnetic separating auger

BCH400 Spice Powder Processing Line(2 Sets in Parallel)

Main Technical Parameters for Spice Powder Making Machine

  1. Output: 600KG/H
  2. Size:40mesh(feed inlet less than 5mm)
  3. The power:35.5KW for two grinder whole set,380V, 50HZ
  4. Material: Stainless steel 201

Work Theories and Usage:

The 2 pairs of rollers will press and shear to the raw materials, which will get to the final powder goal. The materials discharged from the rollers will enter to the prolonged cylinder to sift. The qualified mesh powder will be packed, and the unqualified powder will be sent to the roller again by the auger automatically.


For our roller mill, it has many advantage compared with the conventional hammer mill. That’s why so many domestic and abroad factories choose the roller mill.


2) Adopts Timing Belt Drive, no need lubricating oil, more stable and no pollution.

3) Sieve cloth and sieve frame assemble together, which saves much time when changing the sieve cloth.

4) Round sieve design is two times dimension than the general hammer mill.

5) The grinded powder have even and uniform size, also the unqualified size powder will be automatically go back to roller

6) Small occupation: one unit occupies 3000*1500*2300mm land

7) Less labor-man power requirement: 1 person.

BCH400 Stainless Steel Spice Powder Production Line Working Video:

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