Bidragon Chili Powder Grinding Machine

Chili machinery is a kind of work to help people reduce the pepper processing difficulty and the physical components of manufacturing.

According to the different processing of chili machine by doing exercise chili can be processed into different shapes, different USES and different effects of performance. Bidragon is committed to food grindering and milling machine. Bidragon can provide various chili processing machine for customer, include chilies powder grinding machine, chili stem cutting machine, chili drying machine, chili dry washing machine, chili crusher, chili seeds remove machine and so on.



Installation of chili powder grinder

Installed the mill body (inlays 2 pair of rollers) on the bottom case, and then put the transparent hopper on the top. Fix the cone hopper under the bottom of the mill body, and chilli-milling-line chilli-powder-grinding-machinethen connect the pipe and cyclone. Put the wind stopping device under the cyclone, the under month of the wind stopping device will connect with the inlet of the cylinder sieve. Then put the cylinder sieve connect with the auger cone hoper, and put the auger upper hopper connect with the cone hopper.

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