Bidragon Chili Powder Production Line for Sale


Chili powder production line is used for grinder chili into chili powder. It mainly include chili crushing, chili grinding and chili dust collection system. With our chili powder production line, customer can produce different size chili powder. By sieve cloth (sieve cloth is made of nylon),two piece of sieve cloth attach to one sieve frame, which horizontal lay inside sifting machine part, it is very easy to change the sieve cloth. So our grinder advantage mainly focus on this part, the final powder mesh size is very homogeneous. The powder can be 20-120 mesh by our roller grinding machine, but usually 30-60 mesh is enough for chili spice powder industry.

The capacity of our plant can also be designed according to customer requirement from 200kg to 1000kg/h. We have exported chili grinders and whole production lines to several countries, India(BCH200 chili powder line), Sri Lanka(4 users,BCH600 chili powder production line, BCH200 chili grinder and chili cleaning machine, BCH200 chili grinding and roasting machines), Nigeria(BCH400 chili powder plant), Mexico(BCH400 paprika powder line), Bangladesh(2 unit of BCH200 grinder and packing machines), Rwanda(BCH200 chili grinder),South Africa(BCH400 paprika mill line and blending machine),etc.


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