Chili Destoner


The chili destoner is a very useful and efficient machine in the chili pre processing machinery. It is usually used in the beginning part of the line, and after it can be connected to chili dry cleaning machine.


Working Flow

Firstly conveyor feed the chili into the screen, through the motor let the screen swing, the stones that are smaller than chili seeds, will be down here, and others go after air flow destoner, 95% above stoners are removed here and chili is delivered to following pipes and cyclone and down directly to the dry washer’s feeding port. The dust and chili smell will be collected and expel out by adding another cyclone

Main Technique Parameters

  1. Dimensions: 1.3*0.85*1.4m
  2. Air Locker power:1.5KW geared motor
  3. Fan power:7.5KW
  4. Fan Rack Dimensions: 1.2*1.2*3.1m
  5. Destoner Dimensions:0.8*0.65*1m
  6. Material: SUS201(except motor and air locker)

Chili Cleaning Machine

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