Chili Roasting Machine


Chili roasting machine is mainly used for the roasting of chilli , sesame , peanuts , beans , coffee beans , seasoning seeds , nuts , nuts and grilled hot products , rotary drum , thermal conductivity , heat radiation principle . Can be used in various ways as a heat source, pure flavor of baked goods. Energy security, health convenient, easy to operate , and other advantages.Also can be customize the multi-drum sets according to customer request.
Technical Parameters for Two Drums in One Unit:

  1. Heating Power: 63kw, 380V for electric heating, or 4-5 kg LPG
  2. Transmission Power: 2.2kw
  3. Each Drum Length: 1600mm
  4. Each Drum Diameter: 680mm
  5. Capacity: 120kg/ hour for dry chili, one drum around 20 kg per batch, each batch 20 minutes
  6. Overall dimension: 2900x2300x1650mm
  7. Material: Material contact part stainless steel SUS304 and outer cover stainless steel SUS 202.

Double Drum Chili Roasting Machine Working Video:

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