Chilly and Turmeric Powder

Spices are an integral part of the Indian diet since centuries and they are used in vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and snack preparations. They help enhance the taste of food. Some speciality spices are grown at specific locations but turmeric, chilly etc. are grown in many parts of the country and their consumption is also very high as compared to some other spices. Thus, they are fast moving items, consumed in all households and therefore the market is very scattered.

Many types of spices are used in daily life but some of them like black pepper are not used everyday whereas chilly and turmeric powder are items of daily consumption and enjoy very large market. It is, therefore, suggested to limit initial activity to these two varieties and after gaining experience and settling down in the business some other products may be added. The products can be manufactured anywhere in the country but from the consumption point of view, the preferred locations are: Gujarat, Maharashtra, M.P., etc.




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