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Chili blanching machine for our Libya customer, is used for pre process the fresh chili, and make it better effect for later grinding into paste and cooking chili sauce. This one is with 3 blanching hopper, capacity around 25 kg per hour, this is suitable for small factory as beginning, we can also customize bigger capacity according to customer requirement.    

In this month, bidragon ushered in the fruitful harvest. We are very glad to share the delightful news at this rewarding and exciting moment.

We just delivered to new Indian client of the 350kg/h material contact part stainless steel chillies stem cutter.

our engineer directed installation of 400kg/h chilli power production line in San Luis Potosia, Mexico for our customer, Juan. Before purchasing, Juan carefully questioned about the function of every single machine. And he had a very active and detailed talk about the processing flow with our sales manager and engineer till all technical matters were confirmed. During 20 days’ field installation, there happened few unexpected difficulties, the project was slow going at first, but everything is going better finally. Juan spoke highly of our workers’ experienced and professional job performance. And he was satisfied with machine test-run and final product from it.

Last week, Bidragon onion peeling line had been shipped to Poland by loading into FCL containers. This is a semi-automatic continuous processing line. With automatic feeding machine, onions are conveyed to two top-tail cutting machines, which operated by two workers. Experiencing sorting process, clean and peeled onions without top and tail will be met the eye.

The last week a new Sri Lanka customer visited our factory, The customer is the leading manufacturer and marketing company for spice powder in Sri Lanka. We took the customer to visit the factory and the success case, during this time the customer asked us many questions regarding Spice Powder Milling Machine, we all answered. Customers are very satisfied with our spice powder milling machine, They thought it was a pleasant business trip.

Anyang branch new location:No.9-607 Anyang yingbin Business Building.This is an important incident in the development of Beijing Bidragon Company. This is a new platform for Beijing Bidragon Company to set sail. This is the significant sign that the leaders of the group lead all the staffs to go ahead and to succeed.This is also a stronger and newer starting line.
Beijing Bidragon Group has received good reputation at home and abroad.It trades with the world’s buyers and distributors all over the word. The company was established in 2009 and the company office sector after several relocation, the scale expand continuously till today.

Libya client has ordered the whole machines of chili paste Last week, our client from Libya has confirmed first stage of the chili paste processing machines, now during the manufacturing process for them.And now we are in talking with second stages of the machines. In first stage, including the machines for two types of chili paste making machine, cooking machine and chili paste filling machine, glass jars capping labeling machine, glass jars sterilization machine. In the second stage, will including the machines for chili washing machine, chili blanching machine, chili paste bags making printing ,etc.

Very Good! One of our Sri Lanka client requirement for spice powder machine: Why I need a quality set of spice powder grinding machines from China? 1. I need to obtain the highest quality standards certification from our local authority 2. I need to advertise how I make the chili powders, packed and forward to the hands of consumers 3. Longer lifetime as compare to Indian iron/other steel machines 4. Hygienically recommended, products will have no iron mixed with 5. More you get the consumers impress more you get the business 6. Will have a confidence to run them longer with after sales service/ technical assistances 7. Obtain constant advices/ recommendations to meet high-tech machines align with the development of the business

Malaysia client use this paste making machine of JMS-110 model for grinding fresh chili, lemon grass, garlic, onion, ginger etc, capacity around 150kg/h, hardcover material type. By the way, two JMS-130 chili paste grinder delivered to our Malaysia client last year said this is very good machine.

There are two types grinding teeth of chili paste making machine/fruit vegatable paste grinder. One is cutting teeth, another is fine grinding teeth.The first one is suitable for all materials, such as chili, turmeric, onion, ginger, garlic, etc.The second one is suitable for second stage grinding if th final paste require very fine, such as 120-150mesh. Because the ginger has the fiberm, so its grinding capacity and fineness is not good as chili and onion.For chili, first stage grinding can be reach around 70 mesh, and after second stage, chili can reach 120 mesh and onion garlic around 120-150mesh.

We just delived two BGP-100 Garlic Peeling Machine to our Saudi Arabia client,this is dry type peeling, 700-100kg/h capacity,also there are larger models,and related machines of garlic sorting grading machine, garlic cloves separator machine, garlic slicing machine, garlic paste making machine, etc.

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