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400kg/h chili powder making line is will send to the south africa customer.This machin is full stainless steel using 2 pairs of rollers will press and shear to the raw materials ,Adopts Timing Belt Drive, no need lubricating oil, more stable and no pollution.  

This automatic line is manufactured for our long term regular client from Sri Lanka, the big leader enterprise spice snack noodle industry in their country, we have cooperated them for more than 3 years and visited them two times. This line is mainly for chili de-stoning, cleaning, crushing, automatically connection , only need one worker to operate, and after this, they will connect to the roller type grinding line which bought from us in year 2012.  

Chili grinding roasting cleaning machine for Sri Lanka loading into container This week we have loading the chili cleaning, roasting and powder grinding machines into ship container for our Sri Lanka client. This line include feed conveyor belt, chili dry cleaning machine, second conveyor belt, chili coarse crusher, feeding trolley and chili grinder machine.Capacity 200kg/h,our client has visited our factory and confirmed this order within 10 days after they back.

Chili stem cutting machine for our Indian client finished, this chili pepper stem cutter installed sieve hole size 5mm, later will packing by plywood and then deliver to sea port.

Sri Lanka Client visit chili grinder, spice roaster and spice cleaning machine. Our Sri Lanka client visit our factory for spice cleaning, destoning, roasting and grinding machine.They also plan to install one whole production line by automatic connection of each machine and with dust collector and smell scrubber control.Required capacity 150kg/h at 50 mesh.Each main machine has been make demonstration for them , and they are satisfied with the machines.

BOP series onion peeling machine is the advanced onion processing equipment with big production,has won patent . This kind of onion peeler machine has been widely used in vegetable processing industry, and the onion skin remover constituted by the following parts. 1. Loading device Loading device is can convey the onions by stainless steel conveyor. 2. Broken skin device Broken skin device can choose broken thefirst or the second skin of the onion. 3. Peeling device It composed by nozzles and rotary roller. 4. Finished onions transportation The skinned onions move on the conveyor to the specified location. 5. Waste transportation The waste fell on rubber conveyor, and it conveys the waste to the basket.

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