Oil Planetary Stirring Jacketed Kettle with Agitator




This type cooking pot body for stamping molding of hemispherical stainless steel pot body, use steam, gas, heat conduction oil, such as electromagnetic heating, the use of special mixing way transmission, planetary mixer and the pot body full access, realize the transmission revolution and rotation of the integer ratio, make the pot without stirring blind Angle. Use of advanced transmission and sealing structure, make the transmission part and the pot clean and sanitary. USES the frequency conversion power, run more smoothly.

Technique parameters of 500L Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle with Agitator

No. Name Model  



Material Remark
1 Pot inside drum 1200mm*4mm  

1 set


SUS304 One time spinning shape
2 Pot out drum 1300mm*3mm  

1 set


3 Rack body 500# 1 set


4 Arm lift, pot turn device Hydraulic station 1 1.5KW
hydraulic oil cylinder 2
Left right shaft head 1 Stainless teel
bearing 2
5 Stirring device Stirring way 1 Scraping bottom/edge
reducer 1 2.2KW
disc rotating revolution 1 6.7-33/min
axis rotation 1 14-69.3/min
Four fluorine scraper 2 High resistance 260℃
6 Heating device Heating Way 1 LPG
burner 1 FS10
Heating cabinet 1 SUS304
Heat insulation device 1 Pot bottom, uniform heating
7 Occupation 500L 2200*1900*1950mm
8 Arm Lift Occupation  



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