Onion Processing Equipment Delivered to Poland and Korea

Onion peeling machine for Polish customer

Last week, Bidragon onion peeling line had been shipped to Poland by loading into FCL containers. This is a semi-automatic continuous processing line. With automatic feeding machine, onions are conveyed to two top-tail cutting machines, which operated by two workers. Experiencing sorting process, clean and peeled onions without top and tail will be met the eye. And the peeling depth and cutting length on both sides could be adjusted as per your need.


Onion top-tail cutting machine for Korean customer.

1. There is no need to sort (with breed, size, moisture, etc.) onions at first. All kinds of onions could be perfectly cut;

2. Onion top and tail will be fully cut one time, which is clean and convenient;

3. The machine is not equipped with wear-out part, which makes a long service life, cost-effective price and efficient processing;

4. With 304# stainless steel material, it lives up to global standards.




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