Semi-Automatic Chili Powder Packing Machine

Semi-Automatic Chili Powder Packing Machine



Power: AC380V

Voltage: 900W

Measurement Error: ±1%

Filling range: 5g-5000g

Filling capacity: 1500-2500bag/h

Weight: 280kg

Machine dimension: 1000×850×1850(mm)

Material construction: 304 stainless steel

Brief Introduction:

1 , This packing machine is suitable for food, agricultural and other industries powder , powder , powder -like materials packing ; such as: milk powder , starch , premix, additives, spices , feed, enzyme, etc.

2 This flour packing machine is the integration of a mechanical , electrical, optical , microprocessor control , with automatic quantitative , automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and other functions ;


1, Fast: adopt spiral down feeding , light-control technology ;

2 , High precision : Adopt stepper motor and electronic weighing technology ;

3 , Made ​​of stainless steel , easy to clean , to prevent cross-contamination.

4 , Packing a wide range: the same quantitative packing machine able to pack 5-5000g .Through the electronic scale adjustment and replacement of the keyboard under different specifications screw down feeding adjustable ;

5 , Wide application : a certain fluidity powder form , powder material ;

6 , auto- tracking correction of bit error caused by the proportion of materials and material level in hopper.

7, photoelectric switch control, only manual put bag, and bag clean, easy to seal.

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