Spice Powder Vibrating Sifter



BVS series vibrating sieve use upright motor as the source of vibration, equipped eccentricity hammer on the both sides of motor ,change circumrotate to level, upright and incline movement, then pass these three movement to the surface of the screen. Adjust the phasic angle on the both sides of the top and bottom to change the movement orbits of the surface screen.


1. High efficiency, refined design, duration, any powders and mucilage are suitable for using.
2. Easily to replace the screen, simple operation and convenience washing.
3. Never jam the hole meshwork, no powder flying, filter size of the powder between 500 mesh and 0.028 mm.
4. Discharge the impurity and coarse materials automobile and operates continuously.
5. Unique screen flame design, long duration of screen, only 3-5 to replace the screen.
6. Small volume, move easily.
7. The highest layers of the screen are about 5 layers. But 3 lagers are suggested.

Technique Parameters


Capacity: around 300kg/h for chili powder of 30mesh

Effective diameter for sieving surface: 900mm

Effective sieving area 0.6359m2

Mesh size range: 2-500 mesh

Layer: 1

Power: 1.5Kw

Material: contact part SUS304



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