Spices Powder Processing Plant

Spices Powder Processing Plant

Spice Powder Processing Plant:

1.Spice grinding machine suitable for pharmaceutical , chemical , food and other industries ,

2.It is the before procedure of micro-grinding equipment .

3.It is not influenced by the material viscosity, hardness, softness , and fiber and other restrictions , any material can play better crushing effect .

Spice Powder Processing Plant Main Equipment:

Manual feeding to crusher inlet—–crusher——outlet connect with screw feeder—screw feeder—–grinder unit hopper—-grinder unit (with grinder, discharger, pulse dust catcher)—automatic cyclone discharger

Introduction of Grinder Machine Unit (with grinder, discharger, pulse dust catcher)

This is impact suction type grinder, also called plate tooth disc type, suitable for grinding system of above spices, can be used directly for materials and roasted materials.

Main Structures

By hopper , crushing system ,fan blade device , suction dust removal system and the induced draft system, driving device composed of grinding chamber, hopper , crushing blade , gear ring , sieve , fan blade , discharging by suction pipeline ,cyclone , air clock , dust filter bag , induced draft fan and so on .

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