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400KG/HR Chili powder making machines will be shipped to Sri lanka! Today our engineer connect each machine of the chili powder making mahcine as a produciton line.The chili powder making mahcines are for our Sri lanka customer.This production line include, chili dry washer,crusher, chili grinder,dust remover,chili buffer silo etc.Our engieenrs inspect every details of the chili powder production line before shipment.And the machines are in good condition. After installation, the production line will bring great profit to our Sri Lanka customer. BCH400 Chili Powder Making Machine BCH400 Chili Powder Production Line
BCH-200 Chili Grinder 1.BCH series chili grinder machine is the patent machinery, by adopting the roller milling type producing spice powder. It can be applied to many less oily spices, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, fennel, cumin, turmeric, etc. 2.By roller squeezing, instead of blade crush, it can keep material natural smell and color, which are the most attractive points to customers; it is no problem if for not remove seeds and stem. 3.Newly updated grinder is more convenient for client to use and already exported and using in several countries, like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Bangladesh, South Africa, Rwanda etc. We can provide customized configuration and provide related machineries. Chili Grinder Features: Grinder with material level sensor New type grinder, with full stainless steel material, confirms to food standards. Processing technology is easy, no need to remove chili stem and seeds can keep very good color and taste by roller grinding technology, no high temperature produced and uniform force for all powder red color. Grinder with four alloy rollers, high speed and grinding efficiency Adopts Timing Belt Drive, no need lubricating oil, more stable and no pollution. Can customize different configuration …
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