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Two Type Chili Powder Packing Machine and Bags Today talked about the chili powder packing machine with one client from Ghana, may be some clients do not clearly know the packing machine and its corresponding bags type, here we introduce for some people who are new at this. Automatic chili powder packing machine need the customer to prepare the rolling film printed bags, means fully open like a paper, not any side sealing, because the spice powder packing machine itself can making bags and filling and sealing. Semi-automatic pepper chili powder packing machine need the already made bags only leave top or bottom side open, and after filling into the powder, then by sealing machine to seal the last open side.
Chili Powder Packing Machine Introduction: This equipment using SCM control panel LCD display and intuitive operation of the technical parameters set, and optional Chinese and English display operation, touch-button control, easy to achieve human-computer dialogue. When advanced optical recognition, bag length, bag length can be set directly in the operating side, using color packaging material, the first bag that is able to capture the color, so pull the bag sync, smooth and accurate. Application: This machine is suitable for medicine, food, chemicals, pesticides and other aspects of pouch packaging. Such as: flour, powder , milk powder, nutritious food , condiments , wettable powder pesticide with a certain fluidity automatic packaging materials , the use of screw extrusion cutting the amount of packaging powdered materials can be more precise. Automatic measuring, bag making , filling, sealing, plus easy to tear , cut ( incision method: jagged cut , continuous and easy to tear notch ) , count to product output time to complete other processes. ( inflatable ) ( printing) Technical Parameters: Name: Screw powder automatic packaging machine Model: BPP-320 Power: AC220V / 50HZ Power: 2200W Cutter approach: Tooth cut Bag material: Composite packaging film …
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