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Full Chili Powder Production Line Whole plant of chili powder production line can be according to our common design , also can be customized according to different customers’ requirements. For our common design, suggested necessary machines is conveyor belt, pre crusher, buffer silo, magnetic separator, chili powder grinder, dust collector, and customers can add with chili destoner, chili dry cleaner, stem cutter, chili seeds remover if needed. 1.Chili Mobile Conveyer with Vibrating Feeder Uniform feeding of the raw chili and by mobile conveyor to the next machine. 2.Chilli De-stoning Machine for Chili Powder Production Line   This is air flow destoner, through the gravity function, stoners fall down here and chili is delivered to following pipes and cyclone and down directly to the dry washer’s feeding port. The dust and chili smell will be collected and expel out by adding another cyclone 3.Chili Dry Cleaning Machine This is chili dry cleaning machine, it’s more popular for manufactures to choose to clean chili, Also this dry cleaning way can save water and increase work efficiency. 4.Chili Crusher for Chili Powder Production Line Chili pre crusher will hammer the raw materials into crushed materials, after this, material …
Bidragon Chili Powder Production Line for Sale Chili powder production line is used for grinder chili into chili powder. It mainly include chili crushing, chili grinding and chili dust collection system. With our chili powder production line, customer can produce different size chili powder. By sieve cloth (sieve cloth is made of nylon),two piece of sieve cloth attach to one sieve frame, which horizontal lay inside sifting machine part, it is very easy to change the sieve cloth. So our grinder advantage mainly focus on this part, the final powder mesh size is very homogeneous. The powder can be 20-120 mesh by our roller grinding machine, but usually 30-60 mesh is enough for chili spice powder industry.
South Africa Chili Powder Production Line In Installation From June 17th our engineers has arrived in South Africa for our BCH400 Chili Powder Production line installation and commissioning. They expected to return back on July 15th, after finish installation and commission, will also watch their workers running two days and then teach them how to do roller teeth drawing.  
Automatic 200kg/h Chili Powder Production Line 200kg/h Small Capacity Chili Powder Production Line Processing Flow Chart for BCH200 chili powder production line: Conveyor —–chili dry washer—–conveyor—–chili crusher—–trolley/buffer silo (optional) —–chili grinder unit—dust catcher (optional) BCH 200 Type Chili Powder Grinding Machine BCH series chili powder grinding machine is the patent machinery, by adopting the roller milling type producing spice powder. It can be applied to many less oily spices, such as chili ginger, garlic, pepper, fennel, cumin, turmeric, etc. Newly updated grinder is more convenient for client to use and already exported and using in several countries, like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Rwanda, South Africa, etc. We can provide customized configuration and provide related machineries. Main Technical Parameters: 1. Output: 150-200KG/H 2. Size: 30-50mesh/270-550Micron(feed inlet less than 10mm) 3. The total power: 16.92 KW, 380V, 50HZ, 3 phases. 4. Material: SUS201 5. Including six motors, one electric feeding trolley, auger pipe and cyclone
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