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350kg/h stainless steel chillies stem cutter to India We just delivered to new Indian client of the 350kg/h material contact part stainless steel chillies stem cutter.
Chilli Stem Cutting Machine Finished Manufacturing This week we have finished manufacturing for our Indian client of the 350kg/h chilli stem cutting machine, they process dry chilli stem/stalk cutting, and this machine also can process fresh red green chilli.They are a million $ company, and we are willing and confidence to cooperate them more beginning from this first purchase.  
chili stem cutter 1 Chili steam cutting machine Introduction: 1.BCHS Chili Machine is a special machine to remove red chili’s stem. Chili Stem Cutting Machine is a patent chili cutting machine to cut pepper’s stem. 2.Chili Stem Cutting Machine resolved above problem with high efficiency and low power consumption. Also Chili Stem Cutting Machine can be used to cut Chinese anise stem and string bean stem. 3.Chili Stem Cutting Machine is an ideal machine for chili processing factory to cut fresh chili stem or dry chili stem. 4.We can supply the different material construction, such as carbon steel, half stainless steel and whole stainless steel.   Item Capacity(according to dry chili) BCHS-60 60kg/h BCHS-120 120kg/h BCHS-180 180kg/h BCHS-230 230kg/h BCHS-280 280kg/h BCHS-350 350kg/h BCHS-500 500kg/h Technique Parameters: Name Chili Stem Cutting Machine Model BCHS-120 Size 2.81M*0.59M*1.3M Power 1.5KW Current 9.57 A Voltage 220 V /50Hz Speed 1400 r/m Net Weight 238 KG Chilli stem cutter work theory: This machine configured with a roller drum, the surface of the drum full of small round holes, when the chili’ stem falls into the hole, there is blade outside the drum will cut those stems off. (The …
Chili stem cutting machine BCHS-120 to India BCHS-120 model chili stem cutting machine for Indian client.This machine is carbon steel, material,sieve hole size 5mm.Total power 3KW,by two motors, two sieve drum inside to complete the processing.
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