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350kg/h stainless steel chillies stem cutter to India We just delivered to new Indian client of the 350kg/h material contact part stainless steel chillies stem cutter.
Special Black Color Chilly Stem Remover Delivery   This week, we have delivered the special chilly stem remover to the shipping warehouse; it is black color as required by our Indian client. Its capacity is around 350kg/h according to …
Large Capacity Chili Stem Removing Machine to Mexico 350kg/h for dry chili removing stem delivered to Mexico, this is the second chili stem removing machine export to Mexico.Other machines widely used in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, etc.
Can the chili stem removing machine remove the green cap? The chili stem cutting machine cannot remove the green cap, even in whole country not have until now, so if necessary for this, can do this manually or semi-automatic cutting machine, which …
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