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Two Sets Garlic Peeling Machine to Saudi Arabia We just delived two BGP-100 Garlic Peeling Machine to our Saudi Arabia client,this is dry type peeling, 700-100kg/h capacity,also there are larger models,and related machines of garlic sorting grading machine, garlic cloves separator machine, garlic slicing machine, garlic paste making machine, etc.
Food Standards Restaurant Garlic Bulb Separating Machine This restaurant garlic bulb separating machine uses food-grade silicone , the garlic, squeeze rub the bulk of the split up and down the gap and the centrifugal force of the silica gel plate , garlic stems, garlic, built-in fan while blowing away from the machine, can be recycled ; separated good large garlic cloves rolled out from the machine on the other side . Garlic Separating Machine Features: The performance of this machine : the large output , the split rate , low damage , cleaning maintenance is extremely convenient ; applicable in a variety of species and the size of the garlic ; Main Technical Parameters: Main frame power: 1.1Kw Fan powder: 0.375Kw Dimensions:1170*570*1270mm Output:500-800Kg/h Material: stainless steel
Garlic Peeling Machine This bidragon farm processing machine garlic skin peeling machine hotsale machine uses compressed air as the motive power source, Produced a strong wind at the roundabout near the natural peeling garlic. This machine comprises two parts, the dry feeding trough has the hot blast to circulate the function, and even in the humid climate would also have to be dry garlic state. Peeling of the air compressor used as the driving force and energy saving. Apply to the market, food plants, garlic, and other industries use occasions. Features of the Garlic Peeling Machine: 1. Use special designed principle to peel, in the process, no need blade or hard friction. So can ensure the whole shape, fresh and no pollution. 2. It is practical, power saving, small volume, high efficiency, low failure rate ,maintenance and cleaning is very easy. 3. Equipped with automatic temperature control and automatic conducting device , garlic nuts and garlic skin automatically separated, meet the health standards , no damage to garlic kernel it can be stored for several days advantages Models: BGP-128S 70-100kg/h BGP-128 100-150kg/h BGP-128L 200-300kg/h Main Technical Parameters: Capacity: 70-100kg/h Dimension: 630 x 630 …
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