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Garlic Powder Processing Line Process Flow chart of Garlic Powder This is a new technology method of producing garlic powder, first use the garlic separating machine to separate bulbs into cloves, then use garlic peeling machine to peeling the skin, these two machines is with air compressor, simulate hands method to separate and peeling. Then slice the cloves into small slice, which will be helpful for drying and grinding .Then drying the slices and then use grinding set to grind them into powder, then into packing process. Application: This garlic powder processing set is mainly used for dehydration vegetable granulating, milling, can process garlic granule, garlic powder, onion granule, carrot granule, pumpkin granule, and various spices, also can be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries for process and classify powder and granular. Characteristics 1 .The unit uses the new technology of multi-project, with a high degree of automation, easy operation, and good closure, and processing garlic and dust recycling, changing the phenomenon of dust pollution in the production process, improves the working environment. 2. Using continuous production, particle processing time is short, and production in a sealed state, the product does …
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