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500kg Per Hour Spice Grinder Self Suction Spices Grinder Unit Process Flow: Manual feeding to grinder unit hopper—grinder chamber—fan blades—pipe to cyclone collector—air locker—final products come out—with beside pulse dust collector BKFL Series Self Suction Spice Grinding Machine Unit Introduction: Spice grinder is an efficient mill for food, spices, grains, etc. Crushing and grading of split materials installed on the same machine body, and independent operation. The machine has a full-featured , compact structure , stable technical performance , power consumption province , a wide range of application , fineness adjustable , easy maintenance, and other characteristics , all the process after feeding to the finished product is carried out in the same closed system, with the dust removal processing , no pollution to environmental, it is an ideal machine for food industry and GMPstandards. Main Structures: By hopper , crushing system ,fan blade device , suction dust removal system and the induced draft system, driving device composed of grinding chamber, hopper , crushing blade , gear ring , sieve , fan blade , discharging by suction pipeline ,cyclone , air clock , dust filter bag , induced draft fan and so on . Special Features: 1.Because of …
Sri Lanka client requirement for spice powder machine Very Good! One of our Sri Lanka client requirement for spice powder machine: Why I need a quality set of spice powder grinding machines from China? 1. I need to obtain the highest quality standards certification from our local authority 2. I need to advertise how I make the chili powders, packed and forward to the hands of consumers 3. Longer lifetime as compare to Indian iron/other steel machines 4. Hygienically recommended, products will have no iron mixed with 5. More you get the consumers impress more you get the business 6. Will have a confidence to run them longer with after sales service/ technical assistances 7. Obtain constant advices/ recommendations to meet high-tech machines align with the development of the business
Chinese Cumin Powder Making Machine Chinese cumin powder is mainly grinding and mixing by some certain percentage of cumin, anise, and cinnamon.Cumin powder has unique flavor, rich oily, fragrant smell strong. It is mainly used for seasoning especially for barbecue, baking, it is the high class ingredients, is also one of the main raw materials for preparation curry powder. Cumin powder is mainly used for beef and mutton, can remove the meat original small, also have the function of antiseptic sterilization, also in ancient times, people sprinkle some cumin powder on the sacrifices.   For the making of the cumin powder, since it has come high content of oil, so can use the self suction type grinder, this cumin powder grinder can also connect with water cooling if needed, machine self already with the induced fan and air blow system, greatly cool the inside temperature, so it is a good machine for making cumin powder.
Spice Grinder for Indian Client BKFL-1000 spice grinder complete unit for our Indian client is on delivery now, this week we have loaded all the parts to the 40GP container. Including the 100kg feeding screw hopper, main grinding machine, cyclone discharge, pulse dust collector, whole machine stainless steel and we customized some points according to client special requirement.  
India client visit our spice grinder machine On March 21th, our customer from India come to visit our factory for spice grinder machine, they mainly process chili powder, turmeric powder and black pepper, and we tested two type of spice grinding machine for him. One is self-suction type spice grinder, another is hammer type. Each type has its own advantages.
Water Cooling Type Spice Grinding Machine Spice Grinding Machine Brief Introduction Water-cooled device universal spice grinding machine (spice hammer grinder) is made of high quality of 304 stainless steel, with national standards motor, are especially for various kinds spices, herbs. Fineness of 10 to 120 mesh, according to the nature of the materials, different water content, powder fineness different. Introduction of Water-cooling System Water-cooled device is in the anterior and posterior wall of the grinding chamber installation of the water in a sealed folder, so that the flow of tap water or well water continues to flow into the posterior wall of water folder, and then the anterior wall of water flowing into the folder, and then by the former the wall of water to the folder back into the posterior wall of the outflow from the posterior wall of the outlet. The purpose of the cooling device is to reduce the temperature of the grinding chamber! Features of Spice Grinder Machine 1.Simple structure, the grinding chamber assembly and disassembly simple and easy to clean. 2.This is an all 304 stainless steel, in line with the requirements of GMP. 3.Smooth operation, low noise, small vibration. 4.Easy to …
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