What is the chili powder used for in life

As we all know, the chili powder has two main function, one is as food spice to make food delicious, the other function is good for human body.

Generally, when cooking we will put some chili powder into the food, not only make food delicious, also make the food appearance beautiful.

However, we always ignore the chili powder benefits to human beings:
1.Cancer prevention: as one component of chili powder, capsaicine is oxidation material which can prevent the cell metabolism, so as to terminate the cancerous cells process and reduce the incidence rate of cancer cells.
2.Increase appetite and help digestion: the strong scent of spicy chili can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, which will increase human being’s appetite and promote intestinal peristalsis to help digestion.
3.Lose weight: capsaicin is component of pepper powder, which can promote the metabolism of fat and prevent adipose accumulate in the body and then is good to lose weight.



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