Onion Cubes Cutting Machine



1 The onion cubes cutting machine is made of SUS304 stainless materials, good at resists corrosion, excellent and stable performance and durable.

2 There is micro switch in the feeding month for safe operation.

3 This machine can cut into cube and silk (strip), slices. The cubes and silk have good shape. Uniform cubes or silk.

4 Fast cube cutting speed, it equals to 10 workers’ work load in the same time/ simultaneously.

5 Compact structure with advanced technology from Japanese

6 CCIC products, this product is different from general vegetable cutting machine in China.

7 Movable design, convenient for customer to move it for work.


This onion cubes cutting machine can cut carrot, potato, taro, fruit, onion, mango, pineapple, kiwi, tomato apple, ham, giantarum, pawpaw, bamboo shoot, ect into small cubes,

The cube/silk /strip have good shape It is applicable in Central Kitchen, restaurant, and food processing workshop.


Onion Peeling Machine

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