Spice Seeds Cleaner

This spice seed cleaner is used primarily for grain and spice seeds cleaning industry. Such as pepper, cumin , mustard, coriander, etc. It removes coarse and fine impurities from the seeds by sieving. It also grades various products according to size.


Technique Parameters

  • Model:BXZC-3B
  • Power: 4.25kw
  • Size: 4970*1800*2750mm Weight: 1200kg
  • Capacity: 300-500kg/h for spice seed

Spice Seeds Cleaner Working theory and work flow

Wind separating function depends on the vertical air-recycling unit, it uses aerodynamic properties of grains and the critical speed difference between grains and impurities adjust air flow speed to achieve the separation.

The light impurities are aspirated and collected by the cyclone dust collector, good grains stay and enter main sieving chamber after the wind separation. Normal vibratory sieve chamber consist of two sieve layers (or more) with three discharging outlets (or more) which discharge large impurities small impurities and good (selected) grains.

Due to the size difference of various grains, appropriate sieve mesh selection is crucial to achieve the grading and selecting function within the vibratory sieve chamber.

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