What is the features of chili powder grinder than other hammer crusher?

For our roller mill, it has many advantage compared with the conventional hammer mill.That’s why so many domestic and abroad factories chooose the roller mill.Convetional hammer mill is old fashioned and not the favorable machine for milling chili and spices now.

Firstly,In the process, roller milling will not cause high temperature, which helps retain the chili color and taste.This is also the most important reason.

Secondly, it adopts Timing Belt Drive, which no need lubricating oil, more stable and no pollution to the processing material.

Thirdly, sieve cloth and sieve frame assemble together,which saves much time when chaning the sieve cloth.

Fourthly, round sieve design is two times dimension than othe general hammer mill, perfect performance and not easy to be blocked, even slightly blockage happened, can be easily cleared up while running.This make the grinded powder have even and uniform size, also the unqualified size powder will be automatically go back to roller and make it qualified and get through the sieve cloth and be collected.



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